3 Baking Tips for the Perfect Treats

Baking is one of those special areas where science meets art. Sometimes, to ensure the best look, you need to use some extra science! Here are 3 tips to give you a leg up with your baking at home!

1.Out of eggs? Use heavy cream!

It seems a bit odd, sure, but eggs in recipes are used as a binding agent, if you suddenly find yourself out of eggs in the middle of a recipe, use 3Tsp of heavy cream per egg that you need.

2. Give it a Whack!

Cakes sometimes end up with air bubbles trapped at the bottom of the pan. gently whacking the bottom of the pan on a table or counter can help force those bubbles to the surface, leaving you with an evenly baked cake!

3. Rolling out cookies? Try Powdered Sugar.

Powdered sugar can give you that perfect dusting to keep your cookies from sticking to the table or rolling pin without drying your dough, and it adds just a little bit of extra sweetness!

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